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Practice exams help you to get real experience in attempting the Salesforce Certification exam. With these Salesforce practice exams, you will be able to test yourself on the concepts of sales, service and marketing clouds as well as other concepts covered in the Salesforce certification exam. We hope that these practice exams would be incredibly useful for you to get certified.

Salesforce Certification Exams for various roles


Salesforce Certified Administrator is an individual accountable for overseeing and administering the configuration side of the CRM. They enact myriad declarative amendments and guide the new releases into the production environment. In short, they see that Salesforce runs smoothly at all times. They are in charge of adding users, checking system permissions on users to restrict or provide data access and amending current accounts.


Salesforce Certified developers are professionals who build functionalities in a sandbox with Visualforce or Apex before handing it over to the Salesforce Administrator for deployment or execution. They find new Salesforce solutions as well as appropriate project execution plans. Overall a Salesforce developer has to provide the much needed “icing on the cake” i.e. value addition on the project at all stages – definition, development, and deployment.


Salesforce Architects are well versed with Salesforce for years and have acquired many certifications to bolster their credentials along the way. They convert a company’s wish list into high-performance technical answers and supply technical governance to the development team to ensure compliance with best practices. Architects oversee teams to provide complete lifecycle Salesforce implementations from planning to deployment.


Salesforce Certified Marketers have hands-on experience developing across the full platform. They create personalized, dynamic messages and landing pages, and are fluent in Marketing Cloud scripting languages. They’re also experienced in advanced segmentation, reporting and analytics & data configuration.

Overview of our programs

The Skilling Programmes facilitates the youth with rigorous training in Salesforce CRM administration as well as coding technology to broaden their employment opportunities. Our comprehensive courses are designed to suit the needs of the industry. It is a small attempt by Codleo Foundation in the nation building. Our small contribution will inspire bigger impacts and ripple effects with more youth finding gainful employment, self-confidence to reach for the stars and Inspire others.