Empowerment is Our Main Goal

"Codleo Foundation is very focused on creating a skilled workforce."

The genesis of Codleo Foundation lay in two critical aspects: The background in education of Codleo Consulting's late Managing Director and the company's pledge to Salesforce and its 1% philanthropic initiative where companies commit 1% of their important resources (product, time, and resources) in social causes in local communities. Combining these two aspects laid the seeds of the foundation which is focussing on technical education as a harbinger of change. Technical education is the need of the hour, in which Codleo Foundation is playing a stellar role in filling the gaping hole with regards to the information- technology field. The foundation aims to be the enabler of skills of young Indians (as well as the unique demography of mothers ) so that they are job - ready by the end of our Salesforce courses.

Codleo has put all its available resources (manpower, time, energy and finances) into this initiative. The foundation, the CSR wing of Codleo Consulting was launched in October 2020.

Codleo Projects

Codleo Foundation is a non- profit organization that is laying the foundation of a stronger India through its emphasis on skilling the youth in the Information – technology sector. We are committed to facilitating the empowerment of our youth, especially women, who wish to upskill or reskill in search of new beginnings. We provide them with the job skills that open doors to a better life & career. Our aim is to enhance their latent potentialities which in turn, would lead to the development of their local communities.

Diversity in our DNA

Codleo Foundation's commitment to diversity stems from its inherent belief that diversity is an integral spoke in the growth of a brand, a belief, a community and a culture. By diversity we refer to gender, age, religion, race, sexual orientation, background and physical / intellectual abilities. Our values and mission are reflected in the diversity of the foundation's team and trainers. Representing a cross section of Indian society, Codleons represent the great wealth of talent, energy, ideas and learning that comes with a diverse team. Even the beneficiaries of our course are a testimony to its promising outreach with a melange of students gaining valuable knowledge.

Our journey on diversity has just begun and have miles to go. We are looking at different ways to foster diversity in terms of recruitment & retention of talent as well as create a culture of respect, acceptance, awareness & harmony. We are work in progress.

Meet Our Team

RS Maan
Mohit Sharma
Anand Sharma
Vineet Rana
Rahul Ray
Gaurav Pahel
Vaishali Sharma